It’s time for some JEANS

We’re nearly 1.5 months into 2020 and I am just starting to plan some of my clothing purchases for this year. I am in desperate need of pants – mainly casual pants at this point. I currently have two pairs of blue jeans and one pair of black that are getting quite a bit of wear. I am hoping to pick up at least two pairs of pants in the next few weeks.

In 2019 I had decided to only purchase clothing that was either Fair Trade Certified (FTC) or Made in Canada or the USA (Check out What I bought in 2019). This year I plan to stick to my ethical purchasing habits, but expand my purchasing criteria beyond FTC products or Made in North America. Through recent research I have found that there are a select group of companies who are producing clothing while respecting the people involved in their supply chains without being under at third party certification process like FTC. Obviously seeking third party certification is extremely costly and can be inaccessible to smaller producers. That being said, if and when I venture to purchase a non certified product, I will be sure to do loads of research on the company to ensure ethical production standards are being maintained.

Now, I’ve started my research for jeans and have narrowed my search down to the following brands:

  1. Prana (
  2. J Crew (
  3. Yoga Jeans (
  4. MUD Jeans (

Some of you may be surprised to see J Crew on that list – I was too! At the moment, J Crew has started a line of Fair Trade Certified Factory Denim that is selling at a reasonable price. Now, on a whole J Crew is not known for its ethical production standards and it is clear that this Denim line is one of their first steps towards appealing to consumers who care about the ethics behind their clothing. As you may know, this brand does not have a good rating on Good On You. I’m torn…is it good to support their efforts towards making ethical clothing? Or should we only support companies that have a mission focused on ethical production? What are your thoughts?

Due to cost MUD Jeans are out this time around. The jeans look great and the company is amazing but the overall cost of the jeans (including pricy shipping to Canada) would be over $200.00 CND AND if I wanted to return them I would need to pay to ship them back.

Now Prana is a tricky brand for me right now too. I really the style of this brand for casual items. I first was drawn to them because they have a FTC line of clothing. Unfortunately their FTC line is minimal this season. After further research into the brand, it appears that the company is doing a fairly good job ensuring the human rights of those involved in the production process are respected. If you take a quick look on Good on You you’ll see that Prana is only listed as “It’s a Start”. If you look at the breakdown of the ethical categories they score Great in Labour. Now I 100% think animal rights and the environment are important – but as I explained in previous posts the most important thing to me is how the people involved in the production process are treated. The crappy part about Prana right now is that they closed their Canada warehouse which means shipping and returns are more expensive :(. BUT you can buy some Prana things in stores in Canada (Mountain Equipment Coop carries the Kayla pants right now).

Last but not least Yoga Jean, made right here in Canada, are a great option! The price is reasonable, I like the style and returns are easy. I have one pair of Yoga Jeans now and find they fall down quite a bit. I’m hoping to remedy this in my next pair. Tip – they sell Yoga Jeans at Simons if you want to try them on and have an easier return process.

SO what did I buy?!

Kayla Jeans (Indigo) – Prana
Purchased at: Mountain Equipment Co-op (Ottawa)
Link: HERE

Medium Indigo Rachel Skinny Jean, by Yoga Jeans
$168.00 Size 29
Purchased at: Simons (Online)
Link: HERE

Now – both of these jeans look similar, I know. But I really needed some basic jeans. I plan to keep the Yoga Jeans for more “going out” occasions and the Prana ones for everyday. The blue jeans that I have now are about ready to be retired. Video coming!

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