What I bought in 2019

My ethical clothing haul

I learned so much about purchasing ethical clothing this past year. I found some stores and brands that I love and I’m excited to share them with you. Below you’ll see a video where I so professionally (bahahaha!) model my purchases. I clearly missed my calling.

I didn’t include all the clothing I purchased in 2019 in this video – I specifically left out the socks and underwear I picked up but I will be sure to discuss these in future blogs 🙂 I roughly calculated what I spent on all my purchases and it came to just under $1,000.00 CND. This may seem like a lot or not depending on how you shop – for me it was less than I would have spent in the previous year on non-ethical clothing.

Closet breakdown – it’s a mixed bag of ethics!

When I made the commitment to purchase ethically I was tempted to throw everything away in my closet and go on a huge shopping spree. I quickly realized that this would 100% go against my commitment to ethical fashion as it would be extremely wasteful and not to mention EXPENSIVE! Instead I evaluated my closet for each season and made a list of what I think I needed/wanted in the coming year to fill the gaps. You’ll notice in my video that I mostly purchased tops this year – that’s what I needed!

If you’re interested in seeing my entire 2019 ethical haul and where to find each item, check out the doc below. Unfortunately not all items I purchased are still available – but most are 🙂

If you have any questions about the items in this blog just give me a shout!

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