The Girl Shopping for Good

Hey lovely people! My name is Katie – I live in Ottawa, Canada and I am super happy that you stopped by my blog. Welcome!

I’ve created this blog as a place to bring together resources and information on ethical and sustainable fashion. Namely, I want to make shopping for ethical clothing in Canada more accessible! I have no interest in making money or selling you anything, this is strictly a passion project for me 🙂

Ethical Clothing Canada

While fashion has not been a huge part of my life, the ethical standards behind the clothes I buy and wear are. It’s been years since I’ve been aware of the horrors that exist in the global fashion industry. To name a few: forced labour, terrible working conditions, inability for workers to make a living wage…and while I made many valiant attempts to avoid what we can call dirty clothes (clothing made under unjust working conditions), I always found myself back at Banana Republic and RW&CO buying my next outfit (these stores are close to my house and don’t require me entering a mall!).

In 2019 I decided it was time to leave the “Fast Fashion” market behind in search for more ethical alternatives. In just one year I’ve learned so much about why, where and how to buy ethical clothing. This blog will highlight my journey to ethical fashion and hopefully be a great resource for all those interested in leaving the fast fashion market behind too!

Recent Posts

Why Buy Ethical?

I haven’t written a proper post on why we should consider the ethics behind the clothing we wear because I didn’t want this blog to be a constant feed of downer information. The realities of the fashion industry aren’t pretty and they can be overwhelming to take in.  BUT…I think it will be helpful to … Continue reading Why Buy Ethical?

Summer Summer Summer!

It has been months since I’ve updated my blog and I’m excited to get back into sharing my journey to ethical fashion with anyone who will listen!  Now that we’re into our lovely warm weather in Ottawa, I’ve switched my closet over to my summer wardrobe! Yay! My summer capsule is a mix of old … Continue reading Summer Summer Summer!

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